About Us

Shruteecamp is a clothing line that promotes an alternative lifestyle for today's modern world .
We are active on promoting harmony to both body, mind, universe, nature and spirits.
We love active lifestyle that in tune with nature and beauty in life.
We love vegan vegetarian lifestyle.
We love animals.
We love and respect all people.
We love mountain biking, skateboarding, longboarding, skimboarding, surfing and many other outdoor sports.
We love yoga.
We love mantra-meditation.
We love music.
We love kirtan.
We love dance.
We love arts and graphic designs.
We love cool stuff.
We love eco-designs
We love sustainable organic gardening.
We love common sense.
We love freedom of expression.
We love freedom to worship God.
We love creating t-shirt designs like mother nature, vegans, sureal, vedic times, yoga, karma, samsara, meditation, abstract, hippie love, peace freak, animal liberation, straight edge, vegan punk, vegan hardcore and more...

We love to share what we love. :)

  Namaste!       ☮ Peace! 

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